System’s administration:

The software automatically manages the whole sensors’ network. No user attention is required after installation. Data is accessible in the LAN, or the Internet if required.


Sensors’ data, might be sent to the computer immediately following each measurement, or, saved in the sensors’ memory for some time and uploaded to de computer at programmed time periods. In case the sensor is not in range (i.e. installed in a truck), or for some reason could not connect to the computer, measurements continue to be saved in the sensor’s internal memory until a wireless connection is obtained and data is uploaded to the computer. This process happens without user intervention.


Alert emails, or SMS, can be sent out when measurements are beyond the allowed range. The system can be configured to prevent triggering warnings, unless the defined range is exceeded for a minimum period of time (therefore avoiding false warnings on door opening). Warnings for exceeding a maximum period of time without receiving data can be programmed as well.

Analyzing the data:

Just select in the calendar, the starting date and the ending date, and a plot of the temperature and the humidity is automatically generated between the selected dates. Printing and exporting data are also straightforward operations, which easily allow using this data with other applications, such as spreadsheets.

When convenient, Aptinov adapts its solutions to the specific needs of a client, always to make it simpler for the customer.